I'm a journalist who spent 15 years working as a reporter and anchor for networks around the globe, including PBS NewHour, France 24, Radio Canada, Channel NewsAsia, and Enca in South Africa. 

I'm interested in how the tragedy of the Covid-19 pandemic will affect ordinary people, and how it will - hopefully - help us to find more humane and equitable ways to live. 

A note about the stories: all interviews have been lightly edited for length and clarity.


When the interviewee prefers to remain anonymous, I have used a fictional name, and illustrations by artist Catherine Wilson

Two talented reporters are also contributing to the diversity of stories I'm publishing: Tinka Kemptner in Barcelona, and Midhat Ali Zaidi in Lahore, Pakistan

International Covid-19 statistics (infection numbers and death tolls) are taken from the online Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. Statistics from U.S. states are also cross-referenced with information from each state's department of public health, on the day of publication.

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