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HOW ARE YOU GETTING BY, UPDATE: One month in, 96k hits this week!

Updated: May 9, 2020

Hi readers, First off, I hope that everyone is safe and healthy! I wanted to update all of you. It's been a little over a month since I launched How Are You Getting by, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - and of course here on the blog. The response has been overwhelming, with a rapidly-growing readership - this week we got 96-thousand hits on Facebook alone! More importantly, I'm touched every time I hear from readers - many of you have reached out to tell me that you're enjoying getting a peek into how other people are coping during this strange time. I'm very excited to officially announce that two reporters are now contributing interviews from their patches of the globe: Tinka Kemptner in Barcelona and Midhat Ali Zaidi in Lahore, Pakistan.

Tinka is a print journalist who works for publications all over Europe, publishing in French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish. As a reporter she focuses on the environment and gastronomy.

Midhat Ali Zaidi is a television reporter who is currently working in higher education. Her extensive experience in international development gives her access to a diversity of communities and leaders across Asia.

A podcast is also in the works with a partner in L.A., and Florida-based illustrator Catherine MacCarthy continues to contribute sketches for interviewees who prefer to remain anonymous. The #covid19 reality is evolving and we're all hopeful that infections and death tolls everywhere will start to decline. We remain mindful that the economic fall-out of the pandemic has likely just begun, and are committed to continuing to focus on the individuals who are in the trenches - those who are suffering economically, and those who are trying to find solutions for a better future. Thank you to all of our interviewees, some of whom have told us your stories at the risk of losing your jobs. And thank you to our readers - please continue to share How Are You Getting By with your friends and family!

- Mary

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