• Mary MacCarthy

My own self-quarantine

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Some readers have inquired as to where exactly I am these days. My daughter Moira and I live in Los Angeles, but a week ago I made the decision to come to our hometown of Denver to ride out the worst of the COVID-19 crisis here.

The decision was based on concerns that most single parents know all too well: if I were to get sick, who would take care of my child? Like most people under the age of 70, I feel invincible and am certain that I won't get sick; but as a parent I had to make a rational, responsible decision - and it simply makes more sense to be closer to our family right now, where I know she would be in the best of hands if anything were to happen to me.

(I also have a heart condition that lands me in the emergency room about once every two years - and I know that right now, a trip to the E.R. could be much more complicated and stressful than in ordinary times.)

My sister Cara kindly gave us her apartment, where Moira, our dog Macy, and I are one week into a two-week self-quarantine; after that we will move into my parents' home, where we will have to continue keeping a "safe social distance" from them (they are healthy but in their mid-70s, so at high risk for the virus).

Moira and I have no known exposure, but don't want to take the risk that we could be asymptomatic carriers. And - according to the math, a majority of Americans in big cities could very well have been exposed to the virus over the past month.

We know we're lucky to be facing this crisis with family; our thoughts go to the many people around the globe who don't have the community support and financial resources that will be needed to survive this pandemic and its economic fall-out.

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