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Mom of 7: we get by with creativity, humor, love

Updated: May 7, 2020

Jess is a Denver mother who does what many of us have just discovered is a nearly-impossible job: she home-schools her children. All SEVEN of her children.

Jess also finds time to run a nonprofit called “Crazy Love Africa.” It’s a program which empowers HIV-positive single mothers in Uganda - and she told me her most urgent concerns right now are about how devastating COVID-19 could be in Uganda and other parts of the developing world.

We chatted via Facebook messenger.

HOW AM I GETTING BY? I like the question. It’s not as easy to answer as it sounds. Because my life as a wife, home-schooling mom of seven, and non-profit leader seems already to be full of constant rolling with the punches. So this, too, has that feel.

I tend to stay healthy by being a part of the fight. Being involved in advocacy and just loving on our neighbors throughout the world. I can do that from my home. I was supposed to be in Uganda working right now. So instead, I’m using the gift of technology to serve.

I’m planning trainings for the women I work with in Uganda. And calling our elected officials here in the U.S. to make sure my voice is heard.

I’m also being active on NextDoor to check in on my neighbors’ needs.

So, we get by with a little creativity. A lot of humor and even more love. We remember what it’s like to slow down just a little bit, and be totally ok with not having all the answers and just feeling all the feels. And so much gratitude!

I’ve been in close touch with our family and our staff in Uganda. Things are getting scary there right now. We’ve got to figure out how to keep our sisters fed, and make sure they are getting medications - because police are not allowing folks in the street. They just beat you if they see you out. The president just didn’t think through the logistics of how this would work in a developing country.

Gosh, there are so many unknowns right now. But it sure does put things in perspective for me - as I am merely inconvenienced, and many of our brothers and sisters throughout the world are scared out of their minds for their very livelihood.

I’m very scared for what the future holds in Uganda. My god-daughter Harriet just finished college to be a preschool teacher. She went back to her village and is living with an aunt. She only has one working lung. If she gets COVID, she won’t survive it. She was getting ready to have surgery on the other lung. That will have to wait. God, please protect them!

* If you’d like to make a donation to help Harriet and other women sponsored by Crazy Love Africa, check out their website - or, I can put you directly in touch with Jess. I’ve followed this non-profit’s work for years and can attest to their honesty and transparency!

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