• Mary MacCarthy

Truck driver says he's receiving bonuses, due to Covid-19 risks

Updated: May 7, 2020

Truck drivers are among the many Americans who are still working during the COVID-19 crisis that has required millions of Americans to stay in their homes.

Levi Cleveland is a truck driver based in Montana who says he’s proud to do his part to keep essential parts of the U.S. economy going during the pandemic.

We chatted via Facebook Messenger.

HOW AM I GETTING BY? Work has definitely been busy for me. I mostly do flatbed hauling - so a lot of lumber, sheet rock, shingles, equipment, bags of salt, bags of cement, pretty much whatever they can throw at us. I travel six different states every week - mostly Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, and Washington.

But it is definitely getting harder out there with this crisis.

A lot of the companies I pick up from and deliver to are starting to shut their doors earlier, or are closed for good. The cost of food is going up, it’s getting harder to find places to park for the night, trucks are getting broken into. Lots of trucks have been getting hit at rest areas in the middle of the night, with people demanding money or product in the trailer.

I’ve heard of break-ins in Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah. Once I mentioned the break-ins to the owner of the company, he said he wants us drivers to start carrying a gun in the truck. I have my dog that goes everywhere with me, and he is super protective.

I have not been wearing a mask or gloves, but I do wash my hands every time I’m out of the truck. And I feel 100% fine.

As of right now, I’m very busy! My company has been hustling and working their butts off to keep us going. Just yesterday the owner of my company announced he is giving us an extra $250 on every paycheck, to use for food or whatever else we need when we are on the road.

If us truck drivers stop moving, things are going to get scary for America. I’ve been hearing a lot of the other drivers at truck stops saying they are shutting down because they cannot deliver product. So hopefully this crisis gets better soon! I’m all about helping the American people out, and am with all the fellow truck drivers out there sacrificing our time away from home and leaving our families behind to keep America going strong in this crisis.

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